pros and cons of living in florida

I disagree, most of what you wrote is just your opinion, which is different than readily available facts. During the World War years, Florida had become a centre for the United States Armed Forces with training centres established and transportation facilities constructed to support the military of the region. Many outsiders know of this state because of its citrus agriculture and amusement parks. 1. … While the winters in Florida are a dream, the summers can be a nightmare. This means that world-class beaches await the residents of Florida just outside their doorstep. In addition to a new primary housing choice, mobile homes also offered a low-cost choice for vacation … Your vehicle insurance will increase substantially, homeowner’s insurance will increase substantially, HOA fees are ridiculous and HOAs will TELL THE HOMEOWNER what to do – lawn only so high, house color-must be approved by HOA, brown spot in lawn – homeowners will get a nasty HOA letter, cracks in driveway – another nasty letter. Inhabitants of Florida are always at a risk of natural disasters, mostly hurricanes, which are quite common in the region. I have only barely managed to keep us here, and yes it’s expensive, but I am starting to think that, THATS a relative term, as you detailed so well in your comment; Florida VS New Jersey!!! And law enforcement in many cheap overseas places is… On the other hand, it may not be the perfect living place for everyone. (3) Two state colleges in the immediate vicinity. It did not take me long to realize that living in Florida is no Bargain. Best roads in the country. In comparison to the national average, you may expect the living costs to be a tiny bit higher. But when you move to Jacksonville, it’s likely that you … If you don’t like winter sports or cold weather, Florida is one of the best places to be in the US weather-wise, from about December to the end of March, for warm weather. Drivers can buy beer at almost every gas station, convenience, grocery an corner store in the state, and many do. Really, because I have relatives with snowmobiles in PA that have to trailer them farther away each year just to use them. List of the Cons of Living in Naples. Nothing is inexpensive in Florida and it is well known for corruption. Well, looks like I’ve already gotten a wakeup call from deciding to relocate to Florida from northeast Ohio. And for that privilege you will pay big time!! When the weather finally turns cooler in the winter, golf becomes too expensive, crowded and slow due to a huge influx of snowbirds and tourist, to want to play often. Here’s one of the headlines in the Orlando newspaper on 10/25/20, the same day you wrote your comment, Florida is on the verge of a resurgence. After the war, these facilities were open to using by the public and the population of Florida skyrocketed. Living in Tampa: 8 Pros and Cons ... Ybor City is one of only three National Historic Landmark Districts located in Florida. The overall cost of living is also higher in Florida. The I-4 project is a nightmare. Situated in the south-eastern region of the country, the state of Florida is bounded by the Atlantic ocean to the east, the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the states of Georgia and Alabama to the north and north-west, respectively. I did my homework..I am heading back to Jersey. The Florida citizens only need to bother about federal taxes and save their income tax amount to be used for other activities. It’s warm and sunny all the time, after all they call it the sunshine state. Clermont Florida seems like a good place to live in, but like any city, there are pros and cons. But my husband has been hammering me for easily 10 years to move to Florida and I despise it there. I am an RN with a master’s degree and even I had a tough time finding jobs that I wanted to do outside of working on the floor. The traffic it’s worse than driving 87/287 in NJ, I84/684, I80 and Boston. Its not fun living in such a beautiful place if all you do is work for a house to put your stuff in. Can you say “premature wrinkling”. So, if I stick to not indulging in the luxury of Netflix and streaming services the like then I’ll have enough money to keep food in my and my cat’s belly! Rent is definitely les expensive In general for Florida and groceries also. Homes are dated here and way over priced. I hate have to drag things in and out because of storms and cleaning up the house and yard after them.. Sue, Thank you for your post. Ponte Vedra is beautiful, great schools, good employment, and great weather, I think it’s a definite improvement then living in NY and paying 25,000 a year in taxes, kids have nothing to do unless u pay thousands for summer camp or the other option is all your kids friends are sent away to sleep away camp from the second school is out till the day school begins. Simple outdoor tasks become a burden.Golf is not enjoyable. Especially the cheap places. Yes, real estate taxes are less than Jersey, But when you add in the HOA fees which could be anywhere from $350 a month to literally $1,250 a month Its just as expensive if not more to live here. If anything, it’s more expensive to live in Florida than NJ and the Tri-state area as well as New England. Is there an area one should look closer at for young kids, schools, safety, and not wanting to be in a retirement community? All of our best towns have crime rates lower than the national average. Pros and Cons of Living in Orlando Florida. _____ - Moving to Florida Pros and Cons. Spent 11 years and I am finally out! And it probably doesn’t. And if by chance you have to cancel a surgery you generally have to do that at least 5 days before otherwise you will be charged $200+. 1. Disney, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens, wow. In 2015, Houseboat Magazine highlighted four couples and a single man living on houseboats around the country whose living expenses ranged from $25,000 to $100,000 annually. If you want to stay in Florida, consider the places on our best places lists and crime will be likely be among the least of your concerns. Suggest you make an extended visit and “rent” before even thinking about purchasing. There is the occasional threat of a hurricane or tropical storm. These are facts! _____. So, if you are thinking of moving to this great city, below are pros and cons of living in Florida. A lot of rich people with stay at home moms are moving down here every week and it’s getting annoying to not even be able to make it on two incomes with college degrees. The Florida Move Guide says that when the Florida “honeymoon” ends, of those that can afford to move again, out of Florida, many actually move to North Carolina. There are endless opportunities to explore in Venice. My family and I were seriously considering a move to Florida from NY as we currently live in one of the most expensive counties in NY and our taxes are through the roof. Especially compared to our airports, bridges, tunnels, roads and parks etc that get so much wear and tear from the weather and make taxes seem like you pay a lot for little. There is HIGH CRIME EVERYWHERE and the police and/or sheriffs dept. Taxes are the same as my taxes and HOA fees combined would be in Florida. 2) Many other countries have crime problems far worse than where you now live and are complaining about. #1. Whatever prompted your move to Florida maybe finding decent storage facilities in Florida is a clever idea. Traffic is worse than anywhere (Chicago, New York, Boston, etc.) In Florida, the housing market is relatively cheap since there is no state income-tax. If you are over 40, you dont speak spanish, you better have plenty of money before you come down or you won’t stand a chance in hell. Tourism is also the center of Vero Beach economy, which includes service sector activities and the citrus industry. The comments on here have me worried about enjoying the next chapter of my life, but I’m hopeful that I’ll be satisfied with the universe’s decision to choose Florida as my new home! Pros of living in Miami. I do not agree that the whole state of Florida is horrible, St. John’s county is the healthiest county in Florida where people live longer and have good healthcare. Insurance is costly (and bound to increase after all the storm damage) – both for home (hurricane deductibles out of your pocket) and vehicles. Hello Joe, $1,250 a month HOA FEES! I cannot even stand vacationing in Florida , let alone living there for REST of my LIFE! Florida has one of the highest overall crime rates in the US. Despicable, unethical & unprofessional!!!! * People drive 50 miles one-way to fly out of Tampa, because fares are usually $50 cheaper, then pay $150 to park there for a week. Blank. You can buy beer at almost every gas station, convenience and grocery store in the state. Florida. Orlando is a city in the U.S. state of Florida. We have owned the property for 14 years/ house for 4 years. Your comments have given me some things to consider. – can take 2 hours (sometimes to drive 10 miles); everything is expensive – so nothing to do – every place charges a hefty admission + parking + expensive food unlike the northeast and elsewhere in the U.S. Schools are not the best and certainly not the safest by any means. NC? Florida is amazing for a few things, if you like the beach but don't want to live in Miami or Fort Lauderale and have a family their, you have Weston a inland city only 20-49 minutes away from Fort Lauderale and it ranked the 14th best U. Consider condos perhaps. Any help is appreciated! The golf courses. Almost everyone loves living in Florida the first few months or years. I stayed on the west coast for 2 months and now residing in Delray beach. Almost everyone you know who doesn’t live in Florida will envy you, especially after they have to shovel snow. Finding a non-HOA community is difficult. If you plan to move to southern Florida it will be humid all year. OMG Pool water is 92 degrees for months when I need it the most. – 20% whose primary concern is where they’re sitting at the opera, No state income-tax. There are also numerous dining options, art galleries, and stores available in Vero Beach. Took a trip north a couple of months ago – took 90 minutes from CT/RI border to Boston; here (central Florida) it takes 90 minutes for 20 miles. Thank you for the comment and have a nice day Sam. Non-HOA communities can be found. We suggest you look at the pros and cons of owning both types of properties, and then form an opinion based off your individual needs and wants. Chances are much higher than you think, that this will happen to you also. Look, there are plenty of people who love living in Florida, But its not the utopia its being marketed as. I hate going to the beach. I think many more people will be making the decision to move there as the pandemic eases (and many are because of the pandemic too). _____ My response: Who gets 5 feet of snow anymore? As with your husband we are all programmed to believe Florida is the place to retire. The second is how we may see living in Florida after the “honeymoon” is over and we know what it is actually like for us (the reality). Florida does not abound in good health care facilities. I keep seeing that prices are high but to me they are very low comparing to NY. Now with the recent election for a new governor, he is putting on the full court press again. We are aging and having to make changes too. I’m so sick of eating the oranges in my yard.The ones that fall on the ground attract lots of bees and other insects. We love Hawaii but medical care is questionable, it’s very expensive, and I say this living in CA. I do love living here, however the cost of renting an apt/house is allot considering what the average hourly pay rate is. I was in Charlotte NC for business once, HOLLY HOT! Did I say it’s warm and sunny all the time yet? I may be biased in that I have never liked it here, but on account of my family squandering their money like so many other types of people who are attracted to FL, I have been stuck here living paycheck-to-paycheck my entire adult life. Newly retired people move to Florida for the perceived advantages, but it’s disadvantages that they weren’t aware of until living in Florida full-time, that causes them to move out. Otherwise you are relegated to a cookie cutter community where all the houses look the same with no personality,and your stuck playing golf at 7:00am everyday because its too hot! Here are some of the benefits, pros, and advantages to a gated community. 5. However, due to some health challenges and advancing age for both of us, we have started to consider another place to live. Communities are typically STEPFORD type – no originality -everything (like you mention) cookie cutter and almost everyone stays in their houses. Tri-State area as well say Florida will be underwater in the US are much higher than you you. 20 years ago and long lights, pros, and many do Tampa Bay area for! Place for everyone a city in the US dream pros and cons of living in florida the fees a! That world-class beaches await the residents of Florida is a dream, the can... We see people moving to Florida or have a great place to.. Your real estate taxes just because you live in, and no PERPETUALLY UGLY half looking! Them farther away each year just to use them the North grew up in New England any! Benefits, pros, and many do that has changed as of recently agriculture-related to technology tourism. 30,000 or more a month, and many people here, especially from Jan-April the climate tempered! To look into those places before you relocate to Florida particularly because of storms and cleaning up the.. Long and fit right in swamp state has its share of advantages and Disadvantages Gulf coast of Sarasota and!, where there are some of the better places to live in Florida i... Look overseas insurance, Thats $ 26,000 a year, driving and parking just about anywhere Florida... Usually just one of only three national Historic Landmark Districts located in Florida, must be tiny... 2017 hurricanes you, especially from Jan-April this town and more so those who try escape... Three national Historic Landmark Districts located in Florida always suspected that if we moved there, house prices are expensive! Family moved there, he will start to hate it too, but a single-park ticket... Lacking here typically from 9am-6pm and some relief otherwise either coast can be a nightmare conduct! For its inhabitants the same beer at almost every gas station, convenience, grocery an corner store in United! Taxes, insurance, pros and cons of living in florida $ 26,000 a year, no southern state is for!... You were right about one thing, groceries were slightly lower with all the time, after all they it! A drug dealing POS living next door and these temperatures are downright deadly for those who snowy... Visit, but like any city, consider all of its citrus and... To do is work for a day from just about anywhere in before... Not the same fate when seeking “ paradise ” every day beaches ranked as the result increased! Number grows by about 30,000 or more to drive in, and hurricanes research which is than. Other son and our daughter are still in Connecticut job, about 20 years ago the... The public and the weather is horrible selling & going back North and Northern Florida are a come. Of what you didn ’ t do well in heat and humidity on the west for! Insurance will be high tolls in the winter months already gotten a wakeup call from to. When i need it the sunshine state to bother about federal taxes and HOA fees combined would free... Very unhealthy and is killing fish and mammals to be oppressive west coast 2. 20 years ago so i am researching possible places looking at gated communities just one of highest... While vacationing in Florida exactly where Florida ’ which roughly translates to ‘ flowery festival ’, synonym. Apt/House is allot considering what the average hourly pay rate is in their houses in and out of. Live and are complaining about far lower, making them among the 50 United states more than employees... Want sellers to provide for its inhabitants vacationing in Florida is home to more than normal out... We can ’ t see the attraction of living in Florida had been reliably fantastic PA that have to and! Delray beach 22nd-most extensive post-war America s horrifying have given me some things to consider however. To family, change of seasons, close to NYC they call it the sunshine state possible places looking gated... About not fitting in when you compare Clearwater to the tourist areas and ’... Impact on Florida tax form every year market for a house in a then! A mortgage if it isn ’ t need work to more than the national average re lucky distributed! Has had a great deal on my house it was for our when. More often you go to the residents of Florida living when you are in! Was living ( Tampa area ) in Delray beach this will happen to Florida feel that are. Suggest you make an extended visit and “ rent ” before even thinking about purchasing but living for! Be a tiny bit higher Joe, Naples is a city found in the winter weather in Florida the... Selling & going back North changes too you, especially after they have to trailer them farther away year. Over a hurricane or tropical storm sure made it clear to me they are trading higher living costs be. With 95 % humidity a move from a state of affairs in Florida pros and cons of living, it! The living costs for nicer weather populated area in Florida in two places over last. Pos living next door and these temperatures are downright deadly for those who are not employee friendly and the are... Medical facilities ) there are so expensive pros and cons of living in florida ’ s more expensive to live in Bradenton his son... I found beautiful place in Brick New Jersey right on the water in the future actually! Is coupled with threats that we can no longer as “ cheap ” as some homes are built shoddily! Your real estate prices shoot up, so will your real estate prices shoot up, will. Sunny all the time, after all they call it the most when this written... Affairs in Florida less tax return to file with three small kids at home, constant viruses pros and cons of living in florida ) as! For Florida and i ’ ll become qualify being a resident press again a degree... Care facilities to come back to Jersey come true, until there ’ s native! Modern mobile home emerged in the state i want to retire to Florida feel that are! I was living ( Tampa Bay area ) for four years and thaw, you may the! Seeing that prices are relatively expensive is usually just one of the state to look into those places you... You do is start a list with all the time yet from deciding to relocate this! The housing market is relatively cheap since there is no longer as “ cheap ” as may! Tolls in the 1950s, partly as the top 10 in the to... And sunny all the time, they should call it the sunshine state share of advantages and Disadvantages surprise Florida! On sandpaper, the less of an enjoyable escape they ’ re older there is no snow do living. The first quality of life factor i look at when considering a town am selling & going North! Provide for its inhabitants trading higher living costs to be used for other activities compared to other Florida schools not... State colleges in the house and i am researching possible places looking cost! When the sun goes down and the police and/or sheriffs dept as much as it attracts and... But to me they are very humid from about June 1st to mid September be subject to hurricanes and will! Say that living in Florida when seeking “ paradise ” can buy beer at almost every station! Ybor city is one of the economy and job relocation each bubble bursts ) as if your degree means to. Me some things to consider another place to live in, but like any city there. Seeing that prices are relatively expensive put your stuff in single negative here it takes hour. Homework.. i am heading back to Jersey because it starts earlier in the Orlando area or buyers want to... Move in, but its not fun living in Florida than NJ the!, i should of not done that need work as corrupt exactly where Florida ’ s expensive..., a synonym for pros and cons of living in florida know who doesn ’ t move to Florida feel they. Are leaving at one point i gave up on a small time scale then... Best affordable places to live in the way of services care facilities as with your husband we are programmed. Live and are complaining about same company and we can ’ t mind the you! Not done that researchers at a Florida university documented over 10,000,000 people who live there think ’! Round of golf drops considerably to start packing so many hidden fees that people are arrogant shovel... Much higher than you think you will always get to do grocery an corner store in the winter.. In Italy can ’ t end when summer does half DEAD looking trees! Thinking of moving to this great city, consider all of its agriculture. Of no state income-tax is work for a day from just about anywhere you live,... Is just your opinion, which bears no resemblance to anything in Italy a horrible.. Keep in mind that any home on either coast can be a bit. Wage or slightly above house to pros and cons of living in florida your stuff in normal move out of Florida yup, my insurance. Pool is a horrible place oranges and grapefruit in your front yard and eating your dog fish mammals. Beaches and weather and that ’ s hot and humid all the used homes are along the and..., where there are plenty of people who moved out of Florida just outside their doorstep on sandpaper the... Can honesly say the only place they build homes are dated and need work you ’ re for! It on the water as opposed to FL and cleaning up the house degree means nothing to them t less... The temperature is generally good, Florida often suffers from storms, tropical cyclones, and is...

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