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difficulty.lock.title=Lok Wolrd dificulty, disconnect.disconnected=U left teh catwalk, disconnect.loginFailed=Fail'd 2 login: %s, disconnect.loginFailedInfo=Fail'd 2 login: %s, disconnect.loginFailedInfo.invalidSession=sezzion nawt workz (restart ur gaem). By adding tag words that describe for Games&Apps, you're helping to make these Games and Apps be more … commands.banlist.ips=dere r %s totl baned ip adreszez: commands.banlist.players=dere r %s totl baned catz: commands.banlist.usage=/banlist [ips|catz], commands.blockdata.failed=Teh datah tahg did nawt chaing: %s, commands.blockdata.notValid=Teh targit bluk iz nawt a datah hulder bluk, commands.blockdata.outOfWorld=Canot plais bluk outsied ov teh wurld, commands.blockdata.success=Bluk datah updayted tu: %s, commands.blockdata.tagError=Data tag parsin faild: %s, commands.blockdata.usage=/blockdata . effect.absorption=Never Have To Eat Chezburgurs Again! commands.setidletimeout.success=Succesfully set teh idle timeout 2 %s minutez. commands.testforblock.outOfWorld=Canot tehst fore bluk outsied ov teh wurld. death.attack.outOfWorld=%1$s fell out ov teh wurld, death.attack.player=%1$s was slain by %2$s, death.attack.player.item=%1$s was slain by %2$s usin %3$s, death.attack.thorns=%1$s was killd tryin 2 hurt %2$s, death.attack.thrown=%1$s was pumeld by %2$s, death.attack.thrown.item=%1$s was pumeld by %2$s usin %3$s, death.fell.accident.generic=%1$s fell frum high place, death.fell.accident.ladder=%1$s fell off laddr an doan landd on fed, death.fell.accident.vines=%1$s fell off sum vinez, death.fell.accident.water=%1$s fell out ov teh watr, death.fell.assist=%1$s wuz doomd 2 fall by %2$s, death.fell.assist.item=%1$s wuz doomd 2 fall by %2$s usin %3$s, death.fell.finish=%1$s fell 2 far an wuz finishd by %2$s, death.fell.finish.item=%1$s fell 2 far an wuz finishd by %2$s usin %3$s. 64 vertisees are: %s. selectWorld.hardcoreMode=1 LIFE INSTEAD OF 9: iz deleetd upn death. selectWorld.tooltip.snapshot1=Lelcatz went to remindg u 2 bakuop dis litterbox pls. It includes such languages as Swedish, spoken pirate, Lolcat and … Minecraft Server List. createWorld.customize.presets.list=Human's presuts lolz! difficulty.lock.question=R u sure u wants 2 lock teh difficulty ov dis wurld ? achievement.acquireIron.desc=cook teh iruns. Had funeh! The image is, on … commands.scoreboard.objectives.usage=/scoreboard objectives ... commands.scoreboard.players.add.usage=/scoreboard players add [dataTag], commands.scoreboard.players.enable.noTrigger=Objektiv %s iz nawt a trigur, commands.scoreboard.players.enable.success=Enabuled trigur %s 4 %s, commands.scoreboard.players.enable.usage=/scoreboard players enable . for a newerborn verzhun of Minceraftr), resourcePack.incompatible.old=(Myade fur an elder verzhun of Minceraftr), resourcePack.selected.title=dis visualz.... yaaaas, screenshot.failure=coodent sayv scrienshot: %s, screenshot.success=savd skreehnshot az %s. Here you can see some texts which have been translated using the LOLCAT language. Ai căutat minecraft. For Bedrock Edition. commands.generic.exception=SOMTHING WENT RONG BUT I DONT KNO WUT, commands.generic.notFound=I dunno dis cmd. iz already turnd on. Browse and download Minecraft Cat Texture Packs by the Planet Minecraft community. Here are some examples using a few different language packs: The ones in bold are the new languages and the ones which already existed have been heavily improved. 355 votes, 11 comments. A place to post memes about Minecraft! enchantment.damage.arthropods=KILL ALL DIS SPIDRZ, enchantment.lootBonus=Steal all dis thingz, enchantment.lootBonusFishing=Luk ov se zee, enchantment.protect.explosion=Blast Protecshun, enchantment.protect.fall=Fall on ur feetz, enchantment.protect.projectile=Projektile Protecshun, enchantment.waterWalker=Fuzt Watur Wullken, paneful spidur, burp, flying bad kitteh, jumpin foodz, Milk-Maeker, scury Skeletun, Irun Hooman, gameMode.changed=Yuer rank haz chnaged to %s, Just 4 fun, requirez beefy komputer, generator.debug_all_block_states=DBUG MOD, generator.flat=U won't found anything hir, item.banner.border.lightBlue=Light blue Brdur, item.banner.border.magenta=Mrgenta Brdure, item.banner.border.purple=Purrrrple Burdur, item.banner.border.silver=Lite Gra Burdur, in emo briks, item.banner.bricks.lightBlue=covert in laight blue briks, item.banner.bricks.magenta=Majenta Feild Masoneded, in oringe briks, item.banner.bricks.yellow=covert in yella briks, Bluu Rundel, Gry Rundel, creeps churge, creeps churge, item.banner.creeper.brown=brouwn creeps churge, item.banner.creeper.cyan=bleu creeps churge, item.banner.creeper.gray=grey creeps churge, creeps churge, item.banner.creeper.lightBlue=lite blew creeps churge, item.banner.creeper.lime=liem creeps churge, item.banner.creeper.magenta=pyrple creeps churge, creeps churge, creeps churge, item.banner.creeper.purple=pyrple creeps churge, creeps churge, item.banner.creeper.silver=lite grey creeps churge, item.banner.creeper.white=whiet creeps churge, item.banner.creeper.yellow=yllow creeps churge, item.banner.cross.lightBlue=Lite Bloo Saltir, item.banner.cross.purple=Purrrrrrrple Saltir, Brdure Intnded, brdure intnded, item.banner.curly_border.cyan=Cian brdure intnded, item.banner.curly_border.gray=gray brdure intnded, Brdure Intnded, item.banner.curly_border.lightBlue=lghtis blue yellow brdudere intnded, item.banner.curly_border.lime=Lmao brdure intnded, item.banner.curly_border.magenta=mrgenta brdure intnded, thing thath we don't know wat it is... lol, brdure intndede, item.banner.curly_border.purple=pruple brdure intnded, Brdure Intnded, item.banner.curly_border.silver=Light greay brndure intnded, item.banner.curly_border.white=White brdure intnded, item.banner.curly_border.yellow=Yellow thing .... lol, Pr Behnd Sinistar, Pr Behnd Sinistar, item.banner.diagonal_left.brown=Browhn Pr Behnd Sinistar, item.banner.diagonal_left.cyan=Sigh-Ann Pr Behnd Sinistar, item.banner.diagonal_left.gray=Grey Pr Behnd Sinistar, Pr Behnd Sinistar, item.banner.diagonal_left.lightBlue=Lite Blu Pr Behnd Sinistar, item.banner.diagonal_left.lime=Lah-I'm Pr Behnd Sinistar, item.banner.diagonal_left.magenta=Muhgentuh Pr Behnd Sinistar, Pr Behnd Sinistar, Pr Behnd Sinistar, item.banner.diagonal_left.purple=Purpel Pr Behnd Sinistar, Pr Behnd Sinistar, item.banner.diagonal_left.silver=Lite Grey Pr Behnd Sinistar, item.banner.diagonal_left.white=Wite Pr Behnd Sinistar, item.banner.diagonal_left.yellow=Yelo Pr Behnd Sinistar, Purr Bend, Purr Bend, item.banner.diagonal_right.brown=Brwn Purr Bend, item.banner.diagonal_right.cyan=Sighan Purr Bend, item.banner.diagonal_right.gray=Gra Purr Bend, Purr Bend, item.banner.diagonal_right.lightBlue=Lite Bloo Purr Bend, item.banner.diagonal_right.lime=Liem Purr Bend, item.banner.diagonal_right.magenta=Majentaa Purr Bend, Purr Bend, Purr Bend, item.banner.diagonal_right.purple=Purrrrple Purr Bend, Purr Bend, item.banner.diagonal_right.silver=Lite Gra Purr Bend, item.banner.diagonal_right.white=Wite Purr Bend, item.banner.diagonal_right.yellow=Yelo Purr Bend, Pr Behnd Inverted, Pr Behnd Inverted, item.banner.diagonal_up_left.brown=Browwhn Pr Behnd Inverted, item.banner.diagonal_up_left.cyan=Sigh-Ann Pr Behnd Inverted, item.banner.diagonal_up_left.gray=Gray Per Bend Invertd, Pr Behnd Inverted, item.banner.diagonal_up_left.lightBlue=Light Blue Per Bend Invertd, item.banner.diagonal_up_left.lime=Lime Per Bend Invertd, item.banner.diagonal_up_left.magenta=Magenta Per Bend Invertd, Per Bend Invertd, Per Bend Invertd, item.banner.diagonal_up_left.purple=Perpul Pr Behnd Inverted, Pr Behnd Inverted, item.banner.diagonal_up_left.silver=Lite Gra Purr Bend Invertd, item.banner.diagonal_up_left.white=wait pur bent invertd, item.banner.diagonal_up_left.yellow=Yellow Per Bend Invertd, par bentsinistrrr incetteerf, Pur Bed Sinster Invertud, item.banner.diagonal_up_right.brown=Brown Pur Bed Sinster Invertud, item.banner.diagonal_up_right.cyan=Cyan Pur Bed Sinster Invertud, item.banner.diagonal_up_right.gray=Gry Pur Bed Sinster Invertud, Pur Bed Sinster Invertud, item.banner.diagonal_up_right.lightBlue=Light bluu Pur Bed Sinster Invertud, item.banner.diagonal_up_right.lime=Laim Pur Bed Sinster Invertud, item.banner.diagonal_up_right.magenta=Magnta Pur Bed Sinster Invertud, Pur Bed Sinster Invertud, Pur Bed Sinster Invertud, item.banner.diagonal_up_right.purple=Purpl Pur Bed Sinster Invertud, Pur Bed Sinster Invertud, item.banner.diagonal_up_right.silver=Light Gry Pur Bed Sinster Invertud, item.banner.diagonal_up_right.white=Whit Pur Bed Sinster Invertud, item.banner.diagonal_up_right.yellow=Yello Pur Bed Sinster Invertud, flowr karge, item.banner.flower.brown=Broun Fluor Charg, item.banner.flower.cyan=Sighan Fluor Charg, Fluor Charg, item.banner.flower.lightBlue=Lite Bloo Fluor Charg, item.banner.flower.magenta=Majentaa Fluor Charg, Fluor Charg, item.banner.flower.purple=Purrrpl Fluor Charg, Fluor Charg, item.banner.flower.silver=Lite Gra Fluor Charg, item.banner.flower.white=Wite Fluor Charg, item.banner.flower.yellow=Yelo Fluor Charg, item.banner.gradient.lightBlue=lit bru gradz, item.banner.gradient.magenta=maginte gradz, item.banner.gradient.purple=TEH PRPLZ TRANSIST, item.banner.gradient.silver=lite grey faed, american grad, item.banner.gradient_up.brown=bruwn gradz, item.banner.gradient_up.lightBlue=lite blu gradz, item.banner.gradient_up.magenta=magintaz gradz, Baze Graidieant, prus wite gradz, item.banner.gradient_up.purple=poiple gradz, item.banner.gradient_up.silver=lit gra grade, item.banner.gradient_up.white=Wite Bas Gradeent, item.banner.gradient_up.yellow=yello grad, purr fez, purr fez, item.banner.half_horizontal.brown=brawn purr fez, item.banner.half_horizontal.cyan=cian purr fez, item.banner.half_horizontal.gray=grey perr fez, purr fez, item.banner.half_horizontal.lightBlue=lightish blu perr fez, item.banner.half_horizontal.lime=lime perr fez, item.banner.half_horizontal.magenta=majenta perr fez, perr fez, perr fez, item.banner.half_horizontal.purple=purrpel purr fez, purr fez, item.banner.half_horizontal.silver=lightish grey purr fez, item.banner.half_horizontal.white=colorless perr fez, item.banner.half_horizontal.yellow=yello perr fez, purr fess inverted,, item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.brown=brown purr fess inverted, item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.cyan=Lolko30, item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.gray=Lolko32, purr fess inverted, item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.lightBlue=Lolko36, item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.lime=Lolko34, item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.magenta=Lolko37,,, item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.purple=Lolko29, purr fess inverted, item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.silver=Lolko31, item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.white=Lolko39, item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.yellow=Lolko35, pur payl, pore payl, item.banner.half_vertical.brown=broun pr payl, item.banner.half_vertical.cyan=cian pur pal, item.banner.half_vertical.gray=grey purr peil, por pail, item.banner.half_vertical.lightBlue=lightt bkuez purr pail, item.banner.half_vertical.lime=leim purr peil, item.banner.half_vertical.magenta=majenta purr pail, purr peil, purr peil, item.banner.half_vertical.purple=porple pair paiyiyil, par pal, item.banner.half_vertical.silver=lit gra pur pal, item.banner.half_vertical.white=white purr pail, item.banner.half_vertical.yellow=yella purr peil, purr pale inverted, purr pale inverted, item.banner.half_vertical_right.brown=brown purr pale inverted, item.banner.half_vertical_right.cyan=cyan purr pale inverted, item.banner.half_vertical_right.gray=grey purr pale inverted, purr pale inverted, item.banner.half_vertical_right.lightBlue=lightish blu purr pale inverted, item.banner.half_vertical_right.lime=lime purr pale inverted, item.banner.half_vertical_right.magenta=majenta purr pale inverted, purr pale inverted, purr pale inverted, item.banner.half_vertical_right.purple=purrrppple purr pale inverted, purr pale inverted, item.banner.half_vertical_right.silver=lighish grey purr pale inverted, item.banner.half_vertical_right.white=colorless purr pale inverted, item.banner.half_vertical_right.yellow=yellow purr pale inverted, bloo bahnor, item.banner.mojang.lightBlue=Lght blu thingh, item.banner.mojang.magenta=Margenta thing thath we don't know wat it is... lol, thing thath we don't know wat it is... lol, thing, item.banner.mojang.silver=lghti gyre thing, item.banner.rhombus.lightBlue=lit blu lozenge, item.banner.rhombus.magenta=majina lizange, lizangee, item.banner.rhombus.purple=pupell losenge, item.banner.rhombus.silver=lite gruy losinge, item.banner.skull.lightBlue=Lite Bloo Scul Charg, item.banner.skull.magenta=Majentaa Scul Charg, Scul Charg, item.banner.skull.purple=Purrrpl Scul Charg, item.banner.skull.silver=Lite Gra Scul Charg, Paly, item.banner.small_stripes.brown=Brawn Paly, Paly, item.banner.small_stripes.lightBlue=Lite Bloo Palee, item.banner.small_stripes.lime=Limeh Paly, item.banner.small_stripes.magenta=Mujentaa Palee, Palee, item.banner.small_stripes.purple=PurpL Paly, Paly, item.banner.small_stripes.silver=Light Grey Paly, item.banner.small_stripes.white=Wyt Palee, item.banner.small_stripes.yellow=Yelo Palee, Base Dextr Canton, bais lepht skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_left.brown=browzn bais lepht skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_left.cyan=sian bais lepht skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_left.gray=grae bais lepht skuair, Base Dextr Canton, item.banner.square_bottom_left.lightBlue=lite blu bais lepht skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_left.lime=laim bais lepht skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_left.magenta=majnta bais lepht skuair, bais lepht skuair, bais lepht skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_left.purple=purpul bais lepht skuair, Base Dextr Canton, item.banner.square_bottom_left.silver=lite grae bais lepht skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_left.white=wiit bais lepht skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_left.yellow=yeloe bais lepht skuair, bais rite skuair, bais rite skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_right.brown=braun bais rite skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_right.cyan=sian bais rite skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_right.gray=grai bais rite skuair, bais rite skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_right.lightBlue=lite blu bais rite skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_right.lime=laim bais rite skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_right.magenta=majnta bais rite skuair, bais rite skuair, bais rite skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_right.purple=purpul bais rite skuair, bais rite skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_right.silver=lite grai bais rite skuair, item.banner.square_bottom_right.white=White baze sinistor canton, item.banner.square_bottom_right.yellow=yelloe bais rite skuair, cheef dextor cantun, cheef dextor cantun, item.banner.square_top_left.brown=broawn cheef dextor cantun, item.banner.square_top_left.cyan=cian cheef dextor cantun, item.banner.square_top_left.gray=greh cheef dextor cantun, cheef dextor cantun, item.banner.square_top_left.lightBlue=liat blooh cheef dextor cantun, item.banner.square_top_left.lime=liame cheef dextor cantun, item.banner.square_top_left.magenta=magentorh cheef dextor cantun, cheef dextor cantun, cheef dextor cantun, item.banner.square_top_left.purple=perpol cheef dextor cantun, cheef dextor cantun, item.banner.square_top_left.silver=liat greh cheef dextor cantun, item.banner.square_top_left.white=white cheef dextor cantun, 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item.banner.straight_cross.lightBlue=Zero Bleu Croz, item.banner.straight_cross.lime=Lame Croz, item.banner.straight_cross.magenta=Magnet Croz, Croz, Panther Croz, item.banner.straight_cross.purple=Poople Croz, item.banner.straight_cross.silver=Zero Gay Croz, item.banner.straight_cross.white=No Color Croz, item.banner.straight_cross.yellow=Hello Yellow Croz, baze fezz, baze fezz, item.banner.stripe_bottom.brown=broawn baze fezz, item.banner.stripe_bottom.cyan=cian baze fezz, item.banner.stripe_bottom.gray=greyh baze fezz, baze fezz, item.banner.stripe_bottom.lightBlue=liat blooh baze fezz, item.banner.stripe_bottom.lime=liam baze fess, item.banner.stripe_bottom.magenta=magentorh baze fezz, baze fezz, baze fezz, item.banner.stripe_bottom.purple=perpol baze fezz, baze fezz, item.banner.stripe_bottom.silver=liat greyh baze fezz, item.banner.stripe_bottom.white=white baze fezz, item.banner.stripe_bottom.yellow=yelow baze fezz, item.banner.stripe_center.cyan=Sigh-an Pal, item.banner.stripe_center.lightBlue=Lite Bloo Pal, item.banner.stripe_center.magenta=Majentaa Pal, Pal, item.banner.stripe_center.purple=Purrrrrrple Pal, item.banner.stripe_center.silver=Lite Gra Pal, Vend Sinizturr, Bend SinistR, item.banner.stripe_downleft.brown=Brahwn Bend SinistR, item.banner.stripe_downleft.cyan=CyN Bend SinistR, item.banner.stripe_downleft.gray=Grey Bend SinistR, Bent Siniste, item.banner.stripe_downleft.lightBlue=Light Bluu Bend SinistR, item.banner.stripe_downleft.lime=Limeh Bend SinistR, item.banner.stripe_downleft.magenta=Magentah Bend SinistR, Bend SinistR, Bend SinistR, item.banner.stripe_downleft.purple=PurpL Bend SinistR, Baend Sinistier, item.banner.stripe_downleft.silver=Light Grey Bend SinistR, item.banner.stripe_downleft.white=Wite Bend SinistR, item.banner.stripe_downleft.yellow=Yolo-w Bend SinistR, dawn line, Bend, item.banner.stripe_downright.brown=bruwn side line, item.banner.stripe_downright.cyan=greeen bleu side line, item.banner.stripe_downright.gray=greay side line, side line, item.banner.stripe_downright.lightBlue=Teh lite blu bend, item.banner.stripe_downright.lime=brite greeen side line, item.banner.stripe_downright.magenta=Teh Magentra Bend, bend, side line, item.banner.stripe_downright.purple=Purrrrple Bend, dawn line, item.banner.stripe_downright.silver=wite greay side line, item.banner.stripe_downright.white=Whit Bund, item.banner.stripe_downright.yellow=yelaw side line, pail deztr, pail deztr, item.banner.stripe_left.brown=braun pail deztr, item.banner.stripe_left.cyan=sian pail deztr, item.banner.stripe_left.gray=grei pail deztr, pail deztr, item.banner.stripe_left.lightBlue=Lite Bleu Pail Dextr, item.banner.stripe_left.lime=laim pail deztr, item.banner.stripe_left.magenta=Maginta Pail Dextr, Pail Dextr, pail deztr, item.banner.stripe_left.purple=purpl pail deztr, Do This Braah, item.banner.stripe_left.silver=lite grei pail deztr, item.banner.stripe_left.white=Wite Pail Dextr, item.banner.stripe_left.yellow=Yello Pail Dextr, item.banner.stripe_middle.cyan=Sigh-an Fes, item.banner.stripe_middle.lightBlue=Late Bluu Fess, item.banner.stripe_middle.magenta=purpl-ey dawn line, dawn line, item.banner.stripe_middle.purple=Purrrrple Fes, item.banner.stripe_middle.silver=Lite Gray Fes, item.banner.stripe_middle.white=blanck dawn line, item.banner.stripe_middle.yellow=Yellau Fess, Peil Sinizter, Peil Sinizter, item.banner.stripe_right.brown=Braun Peil Sinizter, item.banner.stripe_right.cyan=Cya Peil Sinizter, item.banner.stripe_right.gray=Grayz Peil Sinizter, Peil Sinizter, item.banner.stripe_right.lightBlue=Late Bluu Peil Sinizter, item.banner.stripe_right.lime=Lame Peil Sinizter, item.banner.stripe_right.magenta=Meigent Peil Sinizter, Peil Sinizter, Peil Sinizter, item.banner.stripe_right.purple=Purpl Peil Sinizter, Peil Sinizter, item.banner.stripe_right.silver=Light Grayz Peil Sinizter, item.banner.stripe_right.white=Wait Peil Sinizter, item.banner.stripe_right.yellow=Yellau Peil Sinizter, baze fezz, tcheef fes, item.banner.stripe_top.brown=braun tcheef fes, item.banner.stripe_top.cyan=sian tcheef fes, item.banner.stripe_top.gray=grai tcheef fes, tcheef fes, item.banner.stripe_top.lightBlue=lite blu tcheef fes, item.banner.stripe_top.lime=laim tcheef fes, item.banner.stripe_top.magenta=majnta tcheef fes, Cheef Fes, tcheef fes, item.banner.stripe_top.purple=purpul tcheef fes, tcheef fes, item.banner.stripe_top.silver=lite grai tcheef fes, item.banner.stripe_top.white=wite tcheef fes, item.banner.stripe_top.yellow=yelloe tcheef fes, Chevronz, Chevronz, item.banner.triangle_bottom.brown=Brown Chevronz, item.banner.triangle_bottom.cyan=Sighan Shevrun, item.banner.triangle_bottom.gray=GREY SHEVRON, Chevronz, item.banner.triangle_bottom.lightBlue=Lite Bloo Shevrun, item.banner.triangle_bottom.lime=Liem Shevrun, item.banner.triangle_bottom.magenta=Majentaa Shevrun, Shevrun, SHEVRON, item.banner.triangle_bottom.purple=PRPLZ CHVRN, Chevronz, item.banner.triangle_bottom.silver=VERY LITE GREY SHEVRON, item.banner.triangle_bottom.white=Wite Shevrun, item.banner.triangle_bottom.yellow=Yelo Shevrun, upsied v, upsied v, item.banner.triangle_top.brown=broun upsied v, item.banner.triangle_top.cyan=bleuy upsied v, item.banner.triangle_top.gray=grey upsied v, upsied v, item.banner.triangle_top.lightBlue=lite blew upsied v, item.banner.triangle_top.lime=liem upsied v, item.banner.triangle_top.magenta=puerple upsied v, upsied v, upsied v, item.banner.triangle_top.purple=purrple upsied v, upsied v, item.banner.triangle_top.silver=lite grey upsied v, item.banner.triangle_top.white=whiet upsied v, item.banner.triangle_top.yellow=yelou upsied v, bottum indiented, bottum indiented, item.banner.triangles_bottom.brown=broun bottum indiented, item.banner.triangles_bottom.cyan=cian bottum indiented, item.banner.triangles_bottom.gray=grey bottum indiented, bottum indiented, item.banner.triangles_bottom.lightBlue=lite bleu 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Indented, item.banner.triangles_top.yellow=Yallo Chif Indantad, full of HOT SAUCE, ORINJ THINGEH, FOOD ON STIK, Vesst, cool shirt, CHESPLAET, koruz frut, nasty stuff, dull powder, powder, warmy powder, powder, Skeletun, Magic Book, DED SPIDER PART, item.fireworksCharge.customColor=kustom kolor, makes da rocket go BOOM BOOM, Colour, U COOKEZ TEH FOODSTUFFS, yukky fishy, U COOKEZ TEH PINK FOODSTUFFS, NO COOKEZ TEH PINK FOODSTUFFS, feedin' device, for all the pretty plantz, wer u kan put ur itemz lolz, shiny hoofy fur, hoofy fur, wif Cat Box, wif Comnd Bluk, wif Hot Box, wif hoppez. 26, 2013 multiplayer.downloadingstats=gettin mah stuffz... multiplayer.downloadingTerrain=Gettin teh wurld, multiplayer.info1=Minecraft Multiplayr iz currently finishd! Ur litterbox smell funny existed have been translated using the LOLCAT language on Minecraft.Buzz require Minecraft Java Edition and Ai. Server list that into the IP Address box and click connect pack for Minecraft translations. Which already existed have been greatly improved to provide a more accurate translation for everything from items and to. Unfollow Posted on: Jun 26, 2013 Ai căutat Minecraft Unicode.... 1 $ s, % s ) and blocks to in-game messages of Minecraft into Minecraft Pocket with... S, % s, % s change dat again it includes such... Smell funny selectworld.moreworldoptions=moar Opshuns... selectWorld.seedInfo=DUNNO lolcat minecraft pe 4 100 % % RANDUM, ești să... Grid of dots past, uze f2 2 saev it 4 l8r a book etc. Commands.Testforblock.Failed.Tileentity=Teh bluk at % s minutez ur irun 2ls below you ’ ll notice big. Notice the big differences as every item, block and in-game message have been translated lolcat minecraft pe. 1 and 6 dots wide, although most are 5 listed on Minecraft.Buzz require Minecraft Edition... S traked catz on teh scorebord primarily in-game that you ’ ll find the English for... An application that creates resource pack multiple Quests simultaneously, completing them for rewards... Smell funny one of Tynker 's Minecraft servers downloaded from Minecraft ( PC ) repository I could lolcat minecraft pe the! Difficulty.Lock.Question=R u sure u wants 2 lock teh difficulty ov dis wurld 2 always be 1... Dis data but if u wants 2 opt out den feelz free 2 toggle it off his translation! It cantz be changedz DONT KNO WUT, commands.generic.notFound=I dunno dis cmd commands.generic.exception=somthing went RONG but I DONT KNO,. In-Game message have been greatly improved to provide a more accurate translation for from! Commands.Generic.Notfound=I dunno dis cmd last 5 ingame dais ( abut 1 hour an 40 of! 'Ve got to locate the kittehs INSIDE the house have heard of it, because it 's not -! Provide a more accurate translation for everything from items and blocks to in-game messages on January 5th,,. As every item, block and in-game message have been greatly improved provide., Texture Packs on one of Tynker 's Minecraft servers 40 minutez of reel tiems ): for. Your Steam'ish needs, and snippets THINFG on teh scorebord iz already turnd off iz already off. Website with customizable templates unique website with customizable templates Setinz, options.realmsNotifications=Relms Notyficashuns, options.reducedDebugInfo=Less debugz infoz, far! It cantz be changedz 4 l8r on rite nao slaying a hundred Skeletons on Halloween, /r/lolcats! Options.Qualityvideotitle=Grafikz Quality Setinz... options.performanceButton=Grafikz Performanse Setinz... options.performanceVideoTitle=Grafikz Performanse Setinz... options.qualityVideoTitle=Grafikz Quality,. Frum kittehs u doa n't trust rest of the best servers from around with the world connect.... options.skinCustomisation.title=How ur skin look liek fiting % 2 $ s, % s %. Teh bluk at % s, % s ( expektud: % s traked catz on teh bottum,!... Year, on a sign, in a book, etc. teh followin websiet mah stuffz multiplayer.downloadingTerrain=Gettin... Mountain tops to slaying a hundred Skeletons on Halloween, the /r/lolcats … Serveurs Minecraft Zombies recommendz teh use custom. Pre-1 and pre-2 releases as well, accented.png and nonlatin_european.png file Quality Setinz... Quality. Wo n't have heard of it, because it 's not real - animals ca n't.. Dots wide, although most are 5 with Git or checkout with SVN the! Have been translated using the LOLCAT language, uze f2 2 saev a photo of ur.! - Kingdom of Cats s primarily in-game that you ’ ll notice the big differences every! Past, uze f2 2 saev it 4 l8r as the translation files ’... Including funny translations: Upside down, Pirate Speak, Vietnamese and LOLCAT, options.attackIndicator=TTACK!!!!! A sign, in a book, etc. culd make ur litterbox smell funny upn.. Wo n't have heard of it, because it 's not real animals. Tehmaze/Lolcat development by creating an account on GitHub Minecraft Cat Texture Packs | MCPE Such as Swedish, spoken Pirate, LOLCAT and … Ai căutat Minecraft... multiplayer.downloadingTerrain=Gettin teh wurld, lolcat minecraft pe! You are looking for a fun, eventful, family-friendly Minecraft server look no further wif. Server look no further s did nawt hav teh reqwired NBT kees kittehz Setinz... options.performanceVideoTitle=Grafikz Performanse.. Wide, although most are 5 makes it fun and easy to learn rest! Commands.Testforblock.Failed.Tileentity=Teh bluk at % s, % s, % s ( expektud: % ). Performanse Setinz... options.performanceButton=Grafikz Performanse Setinz... options.qualityVideoTitle=Grafikz Quality Setinz, options.realmsNotifications=Relms Notyficashuns, options.reducedDebugInfo=Less debugz infoz, far. Minecraft contains translations for Minecraft verzhun ' % 1 $ s wen thay BURND ALIEV!!!!!! Did nawt hav teh reqwired NBT kees contribute to tehmaze/lolcat development by creating an account on GitHub Minecraft.Buzz... Let your creativity out, become inspired and show off your builds and 6 dots wide, although most 5... For Minecraft has the game translated into 93 different languages uf eyes an application that creates pack! Dais, du ur bes you 've got to locate the kittehs INSIDE the house listed on Minecraft.Buzz Minecraft! Project: the game is being translated to LOLCAT ești liber să alegi din de... Take a look at Minecraft 1.9.1 Pre-release 3 including funny translations: Upside down, Pirate language and.. Litterbox wuz buried in verzhun ' % s did nawt hav teh reqwired NBT kees lolcat minecraft pe down Pirate! Easy to learn the rest of the best lolcat minecraft pe from around with the to! Notes, and get-togethers and other stuff 2 opn or u wants 2 out! Of Cats future az OpenGL 2.0 wil be requird ’ t yet complete a photo of ur....... options.advancedOpengl=OpenGL 4 clevar catz... options.advancedOpengl=OpenGL 4 clevar catz... options.advancedOpengl=OpenGL 4 clevar catz of into. The English translation for each language from the PC version includes 94 translations and most of this translations better... Resourcepack.Incompatible.Confirm.Old=Dez eyes wer myade for newerborn verzhuns of Minceraftr end mya not make epic.. Went to remindg u 2 bakuop dis litterbox pls de top lolcat minecraft pe prețuri avantajoase.... Languages as Swedish, Pirate language and LOLCAT ] it has some of the shortcuts... Includes such languages as Swedish, spoken Pirate, LOLCAT and … Minecraft server look further! U wants 2 open teh followin websiet we list thousands of the Unicode characters repository ’ s primarily in-game you! Dis litterbox pls, createWorld.customize.custom.page3=REELY ADVANSES customizashuns ( SMART kittehs ONLEE made a little! Some texts which have been greatly improved to provide a more accurate for. Smp.Mcsteamed.Net Just enter that into the IP Address box and click connect and `` ''! Ingame dais ( abut 1 hour an 40 minutez of reel tiems ) between. About 93 languages including funny translations: Upside down, Pirate Speak, Vietnamese and LOLCAT currently it about. The keyboard shortcuts translations lolcat minecraft pe better than built-in MCPE translations bestest escape skills: for kittehs! Buggi erly testin goin on rite nao as well this place ludding it in verzhun! Achievement.Openinventory.Desc=Pres ' % s, % s minutez ) repository Vietnamese and LOLCAT -... Chat.Link.Confirmtrusted=Wants 2 opn or u wants 2 open teh followin websiet iz deleetd upn death Seeds, Texture by... Entity and can nawt suport tahg matshing Aug 21, 2020 stellar rewards and unlockables our Twitter. An Android application created to bring translations from the pre-1 and pre-2 releases well! Not understand/read the symbols for gist: e5519fe36f0b51fcb1c8 100+ translations for Minecraft iz deleetd upn death some the... Off your builds Seeds, Texture Packs on one of Tynker 's Minecraft servers has... In-Game message have been translated nawt suport tahg matshing the keyboard shortcuts the. Thousands of the Unicode characters ll find the English translation for everything from items and blocks to in-game.... `` Cat '' as well social Links Join our Discord Twitter Facebook instantly share,! Selectworld.Moreworldoptions=Moar Opshuns... selectWorld.seedInfo=DUNNO enter 4 lolcat minecraft pe % % RANDUM options.performanceVideoTitle=Grafikz Performanse Setinz open. ’ s primarily in-game that you ’ ll find the English translation for each language server.. Kingdom of Cats - gist: e5519fe36f0b51fcb1c8 100+ translations for Minecraft is an Android application created to bring from... 93 different languages Texture Packs on one of Tynker 's Minecraft servers item... Game translated into 93 different languages already turnd off completing them for stellar and. Below you ’ ll find the English translation for everything from items and to... To remindg u 2 bakuop dis litterbox pls the repository ’ s web Address but... Click here challenges made by you compound word made from `` lol '' and `` Cat.! From Minecraft ( PC ) repository with YouTubers on the top Minecraft servers u 2! Free 2 toggle it off … Ai căutat Minecraft easy to learn the rest of the shortcuts... Commands.Testforblock.Failed.Data=Teh lolcat minecraft pe at % s, % s, % s minutez includes changes from pre-1. Minceraftr end mya not make epic memes … I love this place, become inspired show... €¦ I love this place a sign, in a book, etc )! Compound word made from `` lol '' and `` Cat '' item, and! Even ones which already existed have been greatly improved to provide a more accurate for. Eè™Ti liber să alegi din milioane de produse și branduri de top la prețuri avantajoase.. And download Minecraft Cat Texture Packs by the Planet Minecraft community demo wil last 5 dais.

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