lolcat minecraft pe open linkz frum kittehs u doan't trust! Each character supported by the font is between 1 and 6 dots wide, although most are 5. Translations for Minecraft contains translations for 93 different languages. I love this place! %s woent open! MINECRAFT PE MODS FOR IOS ONLY! I created an application that creates resource pack for Minecraft Pocket Edition with translations downloaded from Minecraft (PC) repository. These characters are stored in ascii.png, accented.png and nonlatin_european.png file. commands.stats.block.usage=/stats block ... commands.stats.entity.clear.usage=/stats entity clear , commands.stats.entity.set.usage=/stats entity set , commands.stats.entity.usage=/stats entity , commands.stats.failed=Invalud parahmiturs, commands.stats.noCompatibleBlock=Bluk at %s & %s & %s no statz, commands.stats.success=Storin %s stahts in %s on %s. learn to speak lolcat: the lolcat translator lolcat is a made up language that is said to be spoken by fluffy animals such as pets. Translations for Minecraft contains translations for 93 different languages. 3.2K Downloads Updated Aug 21, 2020 Created Aug 7, 2020. Rainbows and unicorns (without Ruby! selectServer.deleteWarning=wial beh lozt forevr (longir than kittehz napz), liek /gamemode, /xp, selectWorld.createDemo=Play new demu wurld, selectWorld.customizeType=UR OWN WURLD SETNGS. Docta dolittle eat ur hart out! options.multiplayer.title=Utur kittehz setinz... options.performanceButton=Grafikz Performanse Setinz... options.performanceVideoTitle=Grafikz Performanse Setinz. commands.testforblock.success=Sucsesfuly found teh bluk at %s,%s,%s. achievement.diamondsToYou.desc=Giv someon deemonds. Serveurs Minecraft Zombies. Translate English into lolcat - the language of all cute animals and pets. Upload Download Add to wardrobe Embed codes. 64 vertisees are: %s. 2 0 ugq98eur7u . Better translations! This is a simple app that gets a new random lolcat picture from the most popular ones on Reddit (/r/lolcats) and sets it as a wallpaper. Between October 20 and November 3, batscan spawn at a light level of 6 or less instead of the normal light level 3 or less. Updated: 10 January, 2016. Bedrock: 8-bitCraft 2 By beautiful_developer. It includes such languages as Swedish, spoken pirate, Lolcat and … If you are looking for a fun, eventful, family-friendly Minecraft server look no further! We promize we wont do anythin bad wif dis data but if u wants 2 opt out den feelz free 2 toggle it off! Sticks: %1$s. It includes languages such as Swedish, Pirate Speak, Vietnamese and LOLCAT. Answering this would be easier in the case of a Creative server for example, but when it comes to Survival, things are slightly different. Mojang dev Jens Bergensten has made a funny little addition to his Minecraft translation project: the game is being translated to LOLCAT. Translations for Minecraft has the game translated into 93 different languages. jay!). !1, deemonds wif ur irun 2ls. commands.chunkinfo.notEmpty=Chunk is nawt empteh. selectWorld.tooltip.snapshot2=b4 luding it en dis verzhun pls. Creator: fromgate, Twitter Account options.attack.crosshair=Next to LASER POINTER! commands.scoreboard.players.tag.list=Tagz un entity %s r: commands.scoreboard.players.tag.notFound=Entity haznt teh %s tag, commands.scoreboard.players.tag.success.add=Tag %s aded, commands.scoreboard.players.tag.success.remove=Tag %s removd, commands.scoreboard.players.tag.tagMismatch=Teh datah tahg do nawt mach 4 %s, commands.scoreboard.players.tag.tooMany=Kant ad mur then %s tagz 2 sumwon, commands.scoreboard.players.tag.usage=/scoreboard players tag [dataTag], commands.scoreboard.players.test.failed=Scoar %s iz NAWT in raynge %s 2 %s, commands.scoreboard.players.test.notFound=No %s scoar 4 %s found, commands.scoreboard.players.test.success=Scoar %s iz in raynge %s 2 %s, commands.scoreboard.players.test.usage=/scoreboard players test . ), createWorld.customize.custom.preset.caveChaos=Caevz ov Kaeyos, createWorld.customize.custom.preset.caveDelight=Cavurz Dilite, createWorld.customize.custom.preset.drought=No watr :(, createWorld.customize.custom.preset.goodLuck=Meow, createWorld.customize.custom.preset.isleLand=Isle Land, createWorld.customize.custom.preset.mountains=Mauntin Craezines, createWorld.customize.custom.preset.waterWorld=Watr Wurld, createWorld.customize.custom.presets=Presuts, createWorld.customize.custom.presets.title=Custmiz Wurld Presuts, createWorld.customize.custom.prev=go back plz, createWorld.customize.custom.randomize=Scramble everting, createWorld.customize.custom.riverSize=rivr siez, createWorld.customize.custom.seaLevel=Watr lvl, createWorld.customize.custom.size=spahn siez, createWorld.customize.custom.spread=spred tallnes, createWorld.customize.custom.stretchY=squeeze teh tallnes, createWorld.customize.custom.upperLimitScale=ceiling max scael, createWorld.customize.custom.useCaves=Caevz, createWorld.customize.custom.useDungeons=scaries, createWorld.customize.custom.useLavaLakes=spiecie nopes, createWorld.customize.custom.useLavaOceans=big spicy nope, createWorld.customize.custom.useMineShafts=mein zhaftsd, createWorld.customize.custom.useMonuments=fisheh houzez, createWorld.customize.custom.useRavines=spooky holez, createWorld.customize.custom.useStrongholds=kitteh towurz, createWorld.customize.custom.useTemples=hooman shrinez, createWorld.customize.custom.useVillages=hooman townz, createWorld.customize.custom.useWaterLakes=watr laekz, createWorld.customize.custom.waterLakeChance=numbrz of watr laekz, createWorld.customize.flat.addLayer=Add Layr, createWorld.customize.flat.editLayer=Chaenj Layr, createWorld.customize.flat.height=tallnes, createWorld.customize.flat.layer.bottom=Basement - %s, %s, createWorld.customize.flat.removeLayer=Deleet Layr, createWorld.customize.flat.tile=Layr materialz, createWorld.customize.flat.title=SUPER FLAT CUSTOMIZ. MA GAWT, DEEMONDS!! commands.chunkinfo.hasLayers=Chunk has layrs: %s. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It’s primarily in-game that you’ll notice the big differences as every item, block and in-game message have been translated. But you've got to locate the kittehs INSIDE the house. item.modifiers.mainhand=Wehn in maen hand: eat iz yukky, wet pebblez, wet fishy thing, with squash in it, Jumpin Foodz in Bawl, Laik Brokali, cat protecshun, cat protecshun, cat protecshun, cat protecshun, dull cat protecshun, cat protecshun, bloo cat protecshun, cat protecshun, cat protecshun, cat protecshun, cat protecshun, cat protecshun, cat protecshun, cat protecshun, cat protecshun, cat protecshun, scury Skeletun Faze, Skellyton Skul, fruit you can't nomz, I HAZ TEH TAIL THING, key.fullscreen=turn on nd off teh fullzcrin, key.inventory=Opun/Cloze Secret fur pouch, key.screenshot=makin funny picz fer interwebz, key.smoothCamera=switch teh fanceh (feast) camera on nd off, key.spectatorOutlines=Mak teh catz shinies (Spectorz), key.togglePerspective=chang teh way kitteh lookzez, lanServer.otherPlayers=Setinz 4 ohtr kittenz, lanServer.scanning=Scannin for nearby kittenz, lingering_potion.effect.awkward=Linnerin Poshun of ಠ_ಠ, lingering_potion.effect.empty=Linnerin Poshun u Cann Onli Gat in HAX MODE, lingering_potion.effect.fire_resistance=Linnerin Poshun ov Fire Rezistance, lingering_potion.effect.harming=Linnerin Poshun ov Ouch, lingering_potion.effect.healing=Linnerin Poshun ov Healin, lingering_potion.effect.invisibility=Linnerin Poshun ov Hiding, lingering_potion.effect.leaping=Linnerin Poshun ov Leapin, lingering_potion.effect.levitation=Linnerin Poshun ov Levitashun, lingering_potion.effect.luck=Linnerin Poshun ov LOL, lingering_potion.effect.mundane=Linnerin Poshun ov Boringnes, lingering_potion.effect.night_vision=Linnerin Poshun ov Cat Vishun, lingering_potion.effect.poison=Linnerin Poshun ov Poizzon, lingering_potion.effect.regeneration=Linnerin Poshun ov Regenerashun, lingering_potion.effect.slowness=Linnerin Poshun ov Slownez, lingering_potion.effect.strength=Linnerin Poshun ov Strength, lingering_potion.effect.swiftness=Linnerin Poshun ov Spedz, lingering_potion.effect.thick=Linnerin Thig Poshun, lingering_potion.effect.water=Linnerin Watr Buttl, lingering_potion.effect.water_breathing=Linnerin Poshun ov Watr Breathin, lingering_potion.effect.weakness=Linnerin Poshun ov Weaknes, menu.generatingTerrain=initiatin cheezburgerz, menu.simulating=Simlating teh wurld 4 a bit. Minecraft's default font is made up of a grid of dots. Players can take on multiple quests simultaneously, completing them for stellar rewards and unlockables. It includes such languages as Swedish, spoken pirate, Lolcat and … resourcePack.incompatible.confirm.old=Dez eyes wer myade for elder verzhuns of Minceraftr end mya not make epic memes. Our server: Just enter that into the IP Address box and click connect. Currently it contains about 93 languages including funny translations: Upside down, Pirate language and LOLCAT. eyes wer myade for newerborn verzhuns of Minceraftr end mya not make epic memes. commands.title.usage=/title ... commands.title.usage.clear=/title clear|reset, commands.title.usage.times=/title times , commands.title.usage.title=/title title|subtitle , 2 teleport cuz players r not in da same dimenshun, %s tu %s, %s, %s, [cat] OR /tp [cat] [ ], commands.trigger.disabled=Trigur %s iz nawt enabled, commands.trigger.invalidMode=Invalid trigur moed %s, commands.trigger.invalidObjective=Invalid trigur naem %s, commands.trigger.invalidPlayer=Sry, only catz can use /trigger, commands.trigger.success=Trigur %s changd wif %s %s, commands.trigger.usage=/trigger , commands.unban.failed=Cud not unban playr %s, commands.unbanip.invalid=U has entrd an invalid IP addrss, commands.unbanip.success=Unbannd IP addres %s, commands.unbanip.usage=/pardon-ip

, god iz changin cloudz tu cleer, god iz changin cloudz to wet falli watr, god iz angri and is making kittehs wet and shoeting electisity dowen, [duration in seconds], commands.whitelist.add.failed=Cud nawt add cat %s 2 teh whitelist, commands.whitelist.add.success=Whitlist now haz %s, commands.whitelist.add.usage=/whitelist add , commands.whitelist.disabled=Turnd off teh whitelist, commands.whitelist.enabled=Turnd on teh whitelist. Ai căutat minecraft. commands.whitelist.list=Thar r %s (out ov %s seen) whitelistd playrs: commands.whitelist.reloaded=Reloadd teh whitelist, commands.whitelist.remove.failed=Cud not remoov %s frum teh whitelist, commands.whitelist.remove.success=Removd %s frum teh whitelist, commands.whitelist.remove.usage=/whitelist remove , commands.worldborder.add.usage=/worldborder add [timeInSeconds], WORLD BORDER SENTER TO %s,%s, center , commands.worldborder.damage.amount.success=Set wurld bordr damage amount 2 %s per block (frum %s per block), commands.worldborder.damage.amount.usage=/worldborder damage amount , commands.worldborder.damage.buffer.success=SET WORLD BORDER DAMAJE BOFFER TO %s BLOCKZ (FROM %s BLOCKZ), commands.worldborder.damage.buffer.usage=/worldborder damage buffer . On October 31, zombies, zombie villagers, husks, drowned, skeletons, strays, zombie pigmen, and wither skeletons may somet… selectWorld.moreWorldOptions=Moar Opshuns... selectWorld.seedInfo=DUNNO ENTER 4 100%% RANDUM. It includes languages such as Swedish, Pirate Speak, Vietnamese and LOLCAT. 355 votes, 11 comments. Minecraft 1.9 lol_US.lang file - LOLCATS - Kingdom of Cats - gist:e5519fe36f0b51fcb1c8 commands.banlist.ips=dere r %s totl baned ip adreszez: commands.banlist.players=dere r %s totl baned catz: commands.banlist.usage=/banlist [ips|catz], commands.blockdata.failed=Teh datah tahg did nawt chaing: %s, commands.blockdata.notValid=Teh targit bluk iz nawt a datah hulder bluk, commands.blockdata.outOfWorld=Canot plais bluk outsied ov teh wurld, commands.blockdata.success=Bluk datah updayted tu: %s, commands.blockdata.tagError=Data tag parsin faild: %s, commands.blockdata.usage=/blockdata . effect.absorption=Never Have To Eat Chezburgurs Again! tallnes, ferward plz, createWorld.customize.custom.page0=eazy customizashuns, createWorld.customize.custom.page1=Setinz 4 Oer, createWorld.customize.custom.page2=Advanses Customizashuns (SMART KITTEHS ONLEE! Click here. Even ones which already existed have been greatly improved to provide a more accurate translation for everything from items and blocks to in-game messages. death.attack.outOfWorld=%1$s fell out ov teh wurld, death.attack.player=%1$s was slain by %2$s, death.attack.player.item=%1$s was slain by %2$s usin %3$s, death.attack.thorns=%1$s was killd tryin 2 hurt %2$s, death.attack.thrown=%1$s was pumeld by %2$s, death.attack.thrown.item=%1$s was pumeld by %2$s usin %3$s, death.fell.accident.generic=%1$s fell frum high place, death.fell.accident.ladder=%1$s fell off laddr an doan landd on fed, death.fell.accident.vines=%1$s fell off sum vinez, death.fell.accident.water=%1$s fell out ov teh watr, death.fell.assist=%1$s wuz doomd 2 fall by %2$s, death.fell.assist.item=%1$s wuz doomd 2 fall by %2$s usin %3$s, death.fell.finish=%1$s fell 2 far an wuz finishd by %2$s, death.fell.finish.item=%1$s fell 2 far an wuz finishd by %2$s usin %3$s. deathScreen.quit.confirm=R u sure u wants 2 quit? presut, createWorld.customize.presets.share=SHARE UR SETTINGS, createWorld.customize.presets.title=Select a presut, death.attack.anvil=%1$s was squazhd by a falln anvehl, death.attack.arrow.item=%1$s was shot by %2$s usin %3$s, death.attack.cactus=%1$s wuz prickd 2 death, death.attack.cactus.player=%1$s walkd intu a spiky green plant whilst tryin 2 escaep %2$s, death.attack.dragonBreath=%1$s wuz burnt in dragunish vomit, death.attack.drown=%1$s drownd when dey took a bath, death.attack.drown.player=%1$s drownd whilst tryin 2 escape %2$s, death.attack.explosion.player=%1$s waz xploded by %2$s, death.attack.fall=%1$s hit teh ground 2 hard, death.attack.fallingBlock=%1$s was squazhd by fallin bluk, death.attack.fireball=%1$s was fierballd by %2$s, death.attack.fireball.item=%1$s was fierballd %2$s usin %3$s, death.attack.flyIntoWall=%1$s flu in2 a wal, death.attack.inFire=%1$s walkd in2 fier n dieded, death.attack.inFire.player=%1$s walkd 2 fier wile fiting wif %2$s, death.attack.inWall=%1$s dieded in teh wahls, death.attack.indirectMagic=%1$s was killd by %2$s usin magikz, death.attack.indirectMagic.item=%1$s was killd by %2$s usin %3$s, death.attack.lava=%1$s thawt thay cud swim in nope, death.attack.lava.player=%1$s treid 2 swim in nope to git away frum %2$s, death.attack.lightningBolt=%1$s waz struck by lightnin, death.attack.magic=%1$s was killd by magikz. selectWorld.tooltip.fromNewerVersion1=Litterbox wuz svaed in eh nwer verzhun. power is too much 4 u! commands.setidletimeout.success=Succesfully set teh idle timeout 2 %s minutez. commands.testforblock.failed.tile=Teh bluk at %s,%s,%s iz %s (expektud: %s). u sur u wants 2 open teh followin websiet? The image is, on … whenz you sign teh bok it cantz be changedz! options.snooper.title=Machin' specs collecshun, options.sounds.title=Musik & Sund Opshuns, potion.effect.empty=Poshun u Cann Onli Gat in HAX MODE, potion.effect.fire_resistance=Poshun ov Fire Rezistance, potion.effect.invisibility=Poshun ov Hiding, potion.effect.levitation=Poshun ov Levitashun, potion.effect.mundane=Poshun ov Boringnes, potion.effect.night_vision=Poshun ov Cat Vishun, potion.effect.regeneration=Poshun ov Regenerashun, potion.effect.strength=Poshun ov Strength, potion.effect.water_breathing=Poshun ov Watr Breathing, resourcePack.available.title=we hav thees visualz, resourcePack.folderInfo=(place visualz here).

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