bara chirashi don

SMU students, you’re in for a treat – flash your student card to get 15% off ($8.40). At most sushi restaurants this means covering the rice with slices of various raw fish, but that’s not always how it’s made. The Bara version of this dish has the fish and other ingredients cooked. However, instead of the prices you might have paid at those restaurants, the entry bowls for each category are priced in a manner that, after having tried the bowls, truly beggar belief – the Chirashi Don costs $21.80, the Bara Don/Aburi Bara Don costs $16.80, the Spicy Bara Don is priced at $18.80 and the Aburi Salmon Don costs $10.80 (?! Growing up my mom used to make a Chef Taichi Kitamura created this Northwest version with albacore and salmon, but other fish, like yellowtail or ahi, may be substituted. Diced salmon, maguro (tuna), hamachi (yellowtail), tamago (egg) are topped with slices of Japanese cucumber and kizami nori and served atop a bowl of sushi rice. For those of you that have never had it, chirashi sushi i a bowl of vinegared sushi rice topped with a bunch of colorful stuff. Sushi Sho The maximalist chirashi Photo: Martha Cheng . Let’s have a look. The portion is also quite generous with decently sized sashimi cubes. Super-duper value for money. Bara Chirashi Sushi Bowl Recipe; Easy cooking: Chirashi Sushi Mix; About Chirashi Sushi. A chirashi sushi bowl for every mood. What is Bara Chirashi. Well, but $13 is still pretty reasonable for a bara chirashi don. Even though there were many other items available at Sushiro, the Chirashi Don always appeals the most. Bara Chirashi is a good choice for if you do not enjoy raw fish. ). I strongly recommend you all to try the Bara Chirashi at $12.80! PROBLEM SOLVED! You no longer face the situation of spending lots of money to get a bowl of Bara Chirashi! People associate eating chirashi sushi with celebratory occasions. Bara Chirashi . I was a little dismayed to find that the popular $10 Bara Chirashi Don has observed a $3 increase in price. Serves 4 . Otherwise, make an occasion out of coming for the Premium Chirashi Don (S$79) at dinner — we heard it comes with premium ingredients such as otoro (tuna belly) and uni (sea urchin). The freshness of the sashimi is on par with those in fancier restaurants, and being located in Food Republic means there’s no GST or service charge. The other dish I tried was the Aburi Torched Bara Don (S$16.80), a cubed sashimi version as opposed to the Chirashi Don. District Sushi is famous for its affordable chirashi don, and the eatery has garnered a ton of attention in the last 2 months. Swing by for lunch for the classic Bara Chirashi don that’s served with cubes of salmon, tuna, white fish, and octopus. Hidden in Manulife Centre near SMU is Chirashi Tei, a gem that has Bara Chirashi Don for only $9.90. Rants Extremely tight space, where it is quite unlikely to be able to walk in without a reservation. Because of this, it is a safer and healthier option. For example, chirashi sushi is a dish we traditionally eat on Hinamatsuri (Dolls’ Festival). How does Chirashi compare to Sashimi? It’s so satisfying and affordable! The origin of Sashimi

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