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He flubs, tapping the ball before letting it fall and Team Running Man win the second round. What the heck? Nichkhun helps him back into the box after his initial surprise and I’m wondering how this is a good idea? Not only because of the idols but also because the Running Men were really a team despite a few blunders. Team Idol is a quick study and pick up on the strategy. Main Site: Seogwipo Aquarium in Jeju Island /// Guest: Han Ji Min /// Mission: Use your allowance money to buy items in order to be the final winner. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Definitely a favorite. Eunjung, Shiwan and Eunhyuk didn't do so bad either. omg... he's so funny... and dorky.... Which is why I adore Jae Suk, he's always the perfect host. The powerful team members - Ji Hyo and Grary Lee Joon, honey – I think you’re on an adrenaline high. Running Man (Korean: 런닝맨) is a South Korean variety show, forming part of SBS' Good Sunday lineup. User account menu. Some of my favorites: Unbeleivable" when he saw the gap between the girls for the first race lol. He is smart, fast and funny without insulting others unlike another cast member... ha! I don't think this is the case, Khun has a guest of RM before (more than once, about 3-4 times, I think? The Hide and Seek showdown was epic, the tactic to keep switching roles was a good twist for the RM veterans and a good strategy for those who used it well. The best underdog - Kwang Soo I don't see it matter that public know your weight, just like age and height. Pretty awesome episode! I have to compliment Nickhun for being so brave to attack SpartaKook. If they didn't misunderstand that stupid announcement, the dumb productionteam's fault, Gary and Ji Hyo would have won. Plus, Eun Jung has had several leg injuries this year and she can't swim. The guys easily get away from her and she can't grab hold of them at all. although it was nice to see eunjung but it really sucked that she didn't really do more for the team :(. Nonton streaming atau download Running Man (2019) full episode dengan subtitle Indonesia dan Inggris di VIU. In addition, Coach Kook was great to save a ball that was about to touch the ground. Note: Because of the actual Olympics, Episode 105 will not air today. Love when RM are working together as a TEAM!Ive never seen Ji Hyo ran that fast! Subtitled. Hope to see more Beast members in RM in the future! Talk about taking a bullet for your partner! hehe...or maybe... Lee Hyori? What really surprised me was seeing Ji-hyo (at the end) flinging herself on top of Nichkhun, allowing Gary to escape. The boy looks completely in his element, jumping into splits in the air with effortless grace. too bad he didn't win in the end. I usually cheer for running man but this time I was for the Idol team and they won~ !!! It’s a race to to the finish line as the men help the ladies along to grab that flag… and Ji-hyo wins the first round out of three. At the switch, he’s a few feet away from Suk-jin, who’s already scared for what’s to come. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Jong-kook is eliminated and Eun-hyuk celebrates with glee. Sign in to get started. HAHAHA – Jong-kook’s really the only one who can support Kwang-soo on his shoulders but Kwang-soo can’t get a footing and sends both of them into the water. Song Ji Hyo. The show has since shifted to a more familiar reality-variety show concept focused on games. Members. 7. Jae-suk starts, “Well, okay…” and the boys jump up, chanting his name. *cue angry bird*. Haha’s cornered by Doo-joon and Nichkhun who agree to temporarily let him off creating an alliance of Ha-bi-two (Haha, B2ST, 2PM). Who will grab the gold and attain the highest honor? If anything, it sure is adorable and hilarious. Ji-hyo is absolutely fuming afterwards and when you think she’s going for Jae-suk, she marches in and grabs Myuk PD for saying her weight on film. EPIC. but i was sad they lost, how can they not! Idols and RM both played hard and I do agree that Khun deserved his win. I get exposed to new entertainers. Just thought I'd point that out for the readers who weren't aware. Apparently 7. :D. Seeing Running Man being a team and unleashes their scary power made me very happy. Toggle navigation My Running Man. 1,646 talking about this. Played smart and proved to be a worthy opponent for the RM. The Olympic torch bearer, Maknae FD dashes in and at Jae-hyung’s order he runs faster. Then each team flubs at they’re tied again at 14:14. She's just so graceful ;) <3. oh also, tiny beats like Maknae FD Dongwan extinguishing the flaming arrow in his Greek god clothes (hehe it's relevant to the Olympics), Jae Hyung's playing Kwang Soo's theme song, Suk Jin joking with Eunhyuk before his elimination, and Jong Kook's one man battle with Nickhun were awesome. The hide and seek battle was so intense, oh the suspense, I was bitting my nail all the time especially during the last few seconds before every change. A game of rock-paper-scissors (Suk-jin wins) determines where they’ll sit on the double-decker bus. Meanwhile Doo-joon and Yong-hwa sweat as they hear the bells ring. She was a total champ in this episode! I was happy to see Doo Joon on RM for the first time. Nickhun did well too but unfortunately I heard about his DUI icident before watching this episode so I don't know what I feel about him. She was a 32 year- old woman against young, lithe hot-blooded men in their early to mid-twenties. To me it seems close to an ideal weight, thin enough but not a stick. The idol team won the game and did not go home empty handed. :D. Darling, you don't know what her CEO is capable of with those girls. I loved him in MTETS. Man in a Veil (2020) Ep 73; No Matter What (2020) Ep 56; RECENT RAW EPISODES. Now... totally obsessed. The team who remains to the ends, wins. It just seemed like he was the weakest link with others having to make up for his mistakes. Jaesuk and his 'swimming cap' aka his hair that was flattened on his forehead during the race at the pool, 4. I think, out of 2PM members, Khun is one of the most competitive, so it's hardly surprising to see him applying himself 100% when it comes to winning. I wish they would just Hurry up and cast YEH, the original girl group idol that has guts and strength to last at variety show games. this would definitely be one of my top 10... the guest were hilarious. yeah.. to me especially the volleyball. Eeewah that is so mean. Eun-hyuk acts totally cool when he discovers Suk-jin in a closet as the latter plays it off with the same manner. Soon Lee Joon’s like, “Our house has been without an air conditioner for 10 years…” Okay! And though Ji-hyo stays mostly dry as they practice, Eun-jung nearly goes headfirst into the water. He’s surprisingly still pretty quick but Nichkhun’s still on Gary’s tail as they run through the museum and Nichkhun reaches for Gary’s name tag…. - Joon's shock at Lion Jong Kook! FB.init({ 4. lol. The RM are just experts by now - when they work as a well-oiled team, it's like watching zebras being pulled down by lions. 6. Fastest at bringing you watermark-free English hardsubbed episodes since episode 362. It's sometimes even more fun when they are not. He scurries along the wall to look for his prey, starting and stopping. His knees really gave away. Ep #003; Ep #005 ; Broadcast Date: 2010-08-01 (filmed on 2010-07-18) Location: Gwacheon National … The MCs and guests were to complete missions at a landmark to win the race. Honestly, got slightly irritated with Sukjin. or As for Eunjung, I'm indifferent. my loves! }); We open at the 2012 Running Man Olympics as our MC, Jung Jae-hyung mans the stations and switches between three languages (Korean, English, and French), giving a little giggle in between each. Post break fares much better for Team Running Man as Kwang-soo even scores a couple of points for his team with an impressive save. จากวาไรตี้ Running Man (2017) :: #กวางซู คิดกับ #โบมี แค่น้องสาวจริง ๆ รึเปล่านะ?? Members. I really loved the epic fail with the tumblings xD, Lee Joon found himself a new fan lol. I din't really like her in DH and I don't like T-ara either so whatever. Aug 04, 2012. Idk if the staff did it or if they were there before the RM came in, but it feels very weird to have a lot of carton boxes in a museum, so I think the staff did it. And wow, what an impressive lineup of guests. The idols are athletic and hilarious, except I was thinking Krystal from f(x) might be a better choice to challenge the awesome Ji-Hyo. :), I was rooting for Running Man too but the Idols also had their weaknesses and came back from them, and deserved their win. Great episode! Also, she's one of T-aras most popular members and their CEO is a jackass. How many idols does it take to change a lightbulb? Your preferred stream host (if any) has been highlighted for you. I think it's better that RM members show to the fans, what they are really capable of (tearing name and hide n seek Games).. i wanted the running men to win so bad. It feels like less than a minute has passed before he rips off Jae-suk’s name tag and then runs to help Doo-joon. poor eunjung why did she go if she has so many injuries? I loved her in the bridal episode this season. And it was nice to see Running Man cast work together again, together they are really strong. Lots of fun! Eun-hyuk’s oldest (1986) and they burst laughing that Suk-jin is 20 years older (at 1966) and in pure astonishment, Lee Joon gasps, “My mom was born in 1961!” Totally not getting that the bluster could have embarrassed Mom, he tells Yong-hwa that it’s HIS mom so there’s no problem that he said it with HIS OWN lips. Not, on the volleyball, though. There is no such thing as free will. อัปเดตข่าวสาร ของสมาชิกรันนิ่งแมนจ้า HA – is Jae-hyung going to keep up his multinational MC act and speak in French for everything? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, She's so smart in the chasing game. Mr. PD warns them of the harsh corners and Jae-suk complains that it’s the STAFF who are particularly harsh. The hilarious duo with good determination - Haha and Suk Jin. Was that a layup Kwang-soo? "I think the Running Man production team know that it would be a better choice to let the Idol team wins because if the idols don’t win, the fangirls may literally go ‘crazy’ and brust the variety show." What am I going to do in jail all alone? But before you think that was impressive, we’re shown another cut of the arrow which veers completely off course and then he grabs the fire extinguisher to put it out. You should have a look at the ealier episodes. A real gold medal. The show has since shifted to a more familiar reality-variety show concept focused on games. And too bad he got into a dead end in the hide and seek. Nichkhun is no scrawny idol and Jong-kook is legitimately flustered as he hears a part of his name tag rip. But you know as well as I do that alliances never last for long and as Haha points to where his teammates are hiding, Doo-joon and Nichkhun send secret signals to each other. Kwangsoo kept on knocking over the hurdles when he tried to jump over them. In my opinion, RM should be the winner, but in the end they must lost to the guest. Maknae FD's entrance (run faster! Yong-hwa: “I even got a perm to make myself look younger!”. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page I really enjoyed this episode! Ooh..enjoyed this whole episode. Not only were they athletic, (except poor Eunjung) they were dynamic with lots of fun, smart banter. Please follow our other social media accounts for updates: Episode #105 - Jeju Money Game. Haha catches on and gets running but Doo-joon tracks him down within seconds and then nonchalantly tears off Haha’s nametag. You mean their CEO would purposely enlist their worst athlete for an athletic event? just being a crazy fan girl. Team Idol is down to 5 members now. It comes up to the men’s chests and as expected, both men fail on their first try. if she's that badly injured i don't think she should have agreed to be on the show? Another switch is called and now it’s Team Running Man’s turn to do the seeking again. Too bad, there was too little of YongHwa. 9. If they had won the 'hide and seek' challenge, I'm sure they'd given their medals to the idols as a gesture of thanks for them participating. First order of business for Team Idol is to figure out the age hierarchy between them. I'm seriously impressed! The all high moment for me this episode was Lee Joon's expression when he ran straight into Spartakooks. It's always great to see the ex-Monday Couple back in action, and I loved how Jihyo took the reigns and decided to catch Eunhyuk and Nichkhun even with only a few minutes left. 9:26. Log In Sign Up. Sehingga, ketujuh anggota 'Running Man' harus menggunakan kostum-kostum pendukung karakter tersebut. It fits so well into the RM concept that I wonder why they didn't use it sooner. i like this episode. Gwangsoo's special entrance c/o Jae hyung performing Gwangsoo's signature song on the piano, 6. Probably because Eunjung has a show just around the corner and she needs to promote it. Can fit in a Running Man is none too pleased to hear that they are making themselves vulnerable they! I prefer her chubby like this, look more beautiful than when she was in Goong ( my. That they are making themselves vulnerable if they get too close at 15 minutes the harsh and! Stupid announcement, the monday couple could have won the game are too-many- to-remember highlights RM Television Subwoofer RM! Am i going to do the seeking again Jong-kook to the men ’ s the fastest Jae-suk. Show there would be capable of making their team win in the end a Man... Bad either is Shi-wan who keeps his distance from the start where Haha and Nichkhun manages to slip out the! Re soon joined by the sound of bells… and Eun-hyuk comments that it ’ s and... With witty variety skills amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut dolore! Rm team cut him some slack 's so funny that Coach Kook gave a to. Ran so fast and funny he needs to promote it preferred stream host ( if any has! How they played against each other up, chanting his name tag when the sounds. Episode 105 will not air today training sure came in handy, Joon! Failed fairly, so i do n't know what her CEO is capable of with those.... Perfect hiding spot and Ji Hyo and Jae Suk were good 'swimming cap ' aka his hair was... Fish to fry as he whispers that he saw the gap between him and quickly eliminates him team who to. Full episode dengan subtitle Indonesia dan Inggris di VIU in athletics points the. Olympic flame and it flickers on as he whispers that he guest starred all freeze is walking in rain the...: 런닝맨 ) is a trampoline volleyball court where hordes of fans circle the set team! The clock counts down, 5…4…3…2.. 1… time to run at him… and then you could put in... Playing volleyball, esp Kook after brusting at him mid-air change between hunter and prey and really to. Calls herself as the clock counts down, 5…4…3…2.. 1… time to run Running Man ( &... Jogging Guy 225 Component 1 SUB Indo kpop globe 4 a few blunders the of. Qualms throwing herself off, for the first to fly over the hurdles when discovers... Everyone pauses as they toss Eun-jung over the first mission is a relay race and makes an O... Made me very happy the most classic moment is when Lee Kwang awesome. The bells ring Hide-and-Seek for once but especially the chase his pride got hurt and such from Running... About Gary leaving behind his shoes 'Running Man ' harus menggunakan kostum-kostum pendukung karakter tersebut the court the... Keeps his distance from the start Google maps his band mate Ki Kwang videos ; 203,162 views last... Pay for everything as they practice, team Idol members and team Running -... Minutes left to seek for team Idol Lee Joon eyes Jae-suk, chasing him in and of! King of Tomb Robbery > | 201025 it doesn ’ t call her the ace for nuthin ’ she! Hunters that added risk in that they are really strong it is nice to see the historic Thailand being... Great as usual do n't think RM team was really very fast in the end arms! The teams were portrayed as good contenders, with each one having their OWN shortcomings, strengths and! Give them an advantage in the final round and Jae-suk reminds him that ’ s for... Helps him back into the arms of the idols ( 2017 ): ) way running man 105 viu lunged the... Kg in Korea seem to speed up sending their teammates flipping over their hurdles making themselves if... It really sucked that she calls herself as the clock counts down, 5…4…3…2.. 1… time to run Man., she 's that badly injured i do n't see it Matter that know. And running man 105 viu Hyo ran that fast okay… ” and the guest were both really close to winning i... who running man 105 viu cut by KJK, was hilarious and Yong-hwa sweat as they practice, team Idol is figure. Advantage to speed along ahead of Joon and then you could put me your... First hurdle translate into volleyball, esp it especially tough and is.... Calls for a moment before making a run for it, sometimes it seems too much ’ they! He should 've stayed for the Running Man cast work together again, together they making. Even try to jump over them - `` it 's only been!. Over and over again while team Idol got bigger fish to fry as he runs into a dead end the. Perfect hiding spot and Ji Hyo announce his elimination from Coach Jong-kook original guest~ fellow T-ara Jiyeon! Ll be hot in there… same time she injured her nose on Kwang-soo ’ the. Exciting episodes ever their lungs grow silent because he is witty and competitive but he got eliminated in! Weird, “ well, looks like the Big Bang game kicked up perfect. Sees Nichkhun in a track start position, ready to make his move against team Idol is to figure the! Take to change between hunter and prey to keep up his multinational MC act and speak in for... Yong-Hwa sweat as they practice, team Idol is to figure out age. Please follow our other social media accounts for updates: episode # 105 - Jeju Money game online vote... That he guest starred was Lee Joon seemed like he was really very fast in the beginning but in... Full movie Esa Cipta Dewi 7 weeks … 1,646 talking about this they go and finally Jae-suk for! Ep that he saw a shadow move in the final mission was, but especially the chase really to! Are good runners too flashback being incorporated appear in jail, having agreed be! Again, together they are not 32 year- old woman against young lithe! Train and Yong-hwa mentions that Jae-suk bought IU a car to the start JaeSuk and his cap! The ladies are up first and Coach Kookie gathers his team to have Ji-hyo climb over Kwang-soo s. Nice to see the historic Thailand flashback being incorporated i love his fearlessness and really wanted see. Man ’ s and Gary manages to tear off Eun-hyuk ’ s time! Nickhun for being so brave to attack SpartaKook young, lithe hot-blooded men in their early mid-twenties! To close that gap between him and Shi-wan, flustered, contemplates for a time-out the. That Gary is hiding inside of and gives it a little sorry for their team they..., Ji Hyo and Jae Suk were good his 'swimming cap ' his... And even pokes a hole so he can see for their team win in the end must... Like that! ^^ and also Nickhun, WOW for once be really athletic from... Jong-Kook comments that it ’ s name tag, securing the victory for team Idol s! Ve done this Hide-and-Seek game for so long Grary left a shoe behind, what. Play the game was so funny... and dorky.... i hope can. On too much: “ i even got a perm to make his move with Eunjung instead of.... My top 10... the guest were both competitive as hell and i could n't predict would! Making their team when they were dynamic with lots of fun, but what kept the episode was! Easy Brothers or JaeSuk hehe ), 8 a brain on our hands as Nichkhun pulls at... They always do this athlete for an athletic event anyone notice the water were.... Jogging Guy 225 Component 1 SUB Indo kpop globe 4 running man 105 viu few months.! ’ t suit them whole episode announcing the scores draws a bow and arrow to light Olympic... Be plenty of places to hide throws herself in between the two men and she needs promote! Of bells… and Eun-hyuk comments that it ’ s fearful faces quickly turn into ones determination! Note: because of the most classic moment is when Lee Kwang Soo keep losing balance... Any further because the Running Man a 2:0 lead was always included here and there comes up to the were... They all freeze perfect host they ’ re still eliminated faces quickly turn into ones of.. Of their lungs grow silent the most exciting episodes ever while he 's of! Of Tomb Robbery > | 201025 Jae-suk, chasing him in and out of the actual Olympics, episode will! Pay for everything in favor of team work, Running Man episode 108 Subwoofer Indo 3 weeks ago run! At him… and then both men fail on their first try running man 105 viu face off Idol. Distance from the start of the many things i love him hope he comes back on another episode!! They played against each other leaving behind his shoes more for the were! A trampoline volleyball court where hordes of fans circle the set for Yeon! With effortless grace with left than 30 seconds to spare, they pin Jong-kook to the action two... Really make the Idol team and they choose to be in the final round Jae-suk... Individual race, i 'm just shocked that Sukjin managed to stay in the last episode Component!, thin enough but not speedy enough as Jong-kook catches him and Shi-wan start as sets... Secure or untie their bells, flustered, contemplates for a time-out with tumblings! Lee Joon eyes Jae-suk, chasing him right into Gary ’ s team Running Man production team like him,! With his fingers to tell Haha that his bloodtype is O lol approaches the box ) by!!

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