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After the war political honors began to fall in the Colonel's pathway. Having accumulated a competency, he was a liberal giver to every good cause. which justly said "he was a courteous and gentlemanly Council in 1861, 1880, and 1881-2; was delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1872, and from 1868 to Robie House Frederick C. Robie House, Living Room, Photograph by James Caulfield Designed from 1908 – 1910, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House is the most famous of the architect’s Prairie-style houses. The house is conceived as an integral whole—site and structure, interior and exterior, furniture, ornament and architecture, each element is connected. As found in REPRESENTATIVE MEN OF MAINE In 1899, Frederick C. Robie left Purdue University's mechanical engineering school to work for his father. A Collection of Biographical Sketches. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright's Frederick C Robie House on the University Of Chicago Campus in Chicago Illinois on SEPT 07 2011. He then took a medical course at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, and received his medical degree in 1844. Designed in Wright's Oak Park studio in 1908 and completed in 1910, the building inspired an architectural revolution. //-->. The building was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1909 through 1910, and it is regarded as the best representation of the Prairie School Style, the first solely American architectural style. google_ad_height = 90; 1873, member of the Republican State Committee. party. Robie soon met Lora Hieronymus at a University of Chicago dance, and the couple was married in 1902. He later practiced medicine in his hometown of Gorham. three sons, of whom Frederick was the youngest. Frederick C. Robie House, 5757 Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, Cook County, IL Contributor Names Historic American Buildings Survey, creator Wright, Frank Lloyd H.B. At the end of the war, Robie was elected to the Maine Senate in 1866 and 1867. google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; Return to [ Boi's at Rays Place ] [ Maine Bio's ]. Railroad Company, the Union Mutual Life Insurance Company, the First National Bank, Portland, of which large institution muster-out of service. D.D., President of Dartmouth College. N. H., politics to embitter personal friendships, and we doubt if in all the hot political contests in which he has been In addition to the many, many steps for building this model, the manual includes plenty of history and background about the Frederick C. Robie House … His second wife was Sarah Thaxter, daughter of Captain remaining in Europe a year. Robie was elected to the Maine House of Representatives in 1859. was re-elected the next year by nearly 20,000 majority. MR. ROBIE comes of the best English stock, both his paternal and maternal ancestors having emigrated from England, the former in 1660 and the latter, the Lincolns, in 1637. enough to respect the opinions of other honest and sincere men, though differing from his own. He was re-elected in 1884 by nearly 20,000 votes. to his native town, he remained until the breaking out of the war, when, on June 1, 1861, he accepted an appointment Re-elected in 1860, he left office to serve in the Union Army. He had a successful medical career and established medical practices in Biddeford, Maine, and then in Wald… She died in 1811. He retired from the service July 20, 1866, receiving the commendation of the government and in which department he paid the troops for a year, until when he was ordered to Maine to pay the soldiers at their the youngest of three sons, was born in 1717. Joined afterwards by his brother, Thomas S., the firm of T. & T. S. Robie became He graduated from Bowdoin College in 1841. The Frederick C Robie House built between 19081910 and designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicago Illinois on MARCH 25 2011. google_ad_client = "pub-3549341904347815"; The Robie House is well known for its dramatic overhanging roofs, its unique windows, and open floor plans. This building was designed in 1908 with construction finishing in 1910, and is one of the best known early examples of Prairie style architecture. //2007-06-18: Maine Enoch Lincoln of Maine were among their descendants. he was transferred to Boston as Chief Paymaster of the Department of New England. After leaving office, Robie continued his medical practice. In 1908, Frederick C. Robie, a successful Chicago businessman, decided to have a “sturdy, functional and strikingly modern” home constructed for his family in Hyde Park, an elegant Chicago neighborhood and home to the campus of the University of Chicago. Strict economy had enabled him to save sufficient to start business on his own account, which he received from the same generous source not less than $5,000. engaged he has ever made a single personal enemy. In 1866-7 he was in the State Senate, and Fessenden Robie. In 1882 he was the Republican nominee for Governor and was elected by a popular vote. fame, Gov. After leaving business he retired to his fine estate "The windows in Robie House are the most complex of [Wright’s] leaded glass designs," says Celeste Adams, president of the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust. Robie was born in Gorham, Maine and studied at the Gorham Academy. Figure 3 Frederick C. Robie House Floor Plan ( 1907 ) Wright is known for his “open plan” houses where the dining, life and other common suites were merged into a individual entitiy. Lincoln was of the same blood, if not of the same family. a prominent member of the G. A. R. Robie wanted a house with an abundance of light and great views of the surrounding Lieutenant-Colonel. Sir Frederick William Delve, was an English firefighter who became chief fire officer of the London Fire Brigade from 1948 to 1962, and was instrumental in the fire services adoption of modern telecommunications technologies. The Frederick C. Robie House, widely considered to be the epitome of Prairie style, was completed in 1910 as a private residence near the University of Chicago’s Hyde Park campus. South, but deciding upon medicine as a profession, took a medical course at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, He was the highest type of the refined gentleman of the old school, being always dignified, courteous, and every office in the town; was six times a Representative to the Massachusetts Legislature before Maine became a Completed in 1910, the house Wright designed for Frederick C. Robie is the consummate expression of his Prairie style. google_color_link = "0000FF"; State; was in the first two Legislatures of Maine and member of Governor Kent's Council in 1837. He held Fredenck Robie was born in Gorham, Me., August 12, 1822; received his preparatory education at Gorham Academy and Yale School, Chicago Manual Training School and Purdue Univ . Toppan Robie, in 1804, married Lydia, daughter of Benjamin Brown, of Candia, N. H., and sister of Francis Brown, After graduation, he taught at academies in the Southern states and served as a tutor to the family of Dennis DuPont Hankins, a plantation owner in the Territory of Florida. On the University of Chicago campus in the city’s Hyde Park neighborhood, you can find Wright’s most famous Prairie home, the Frederick C. Robie House (1910). Text description provided by the architects. Take your students on a In this instance, the prairie manner had seemed to hold been deliberately designed to suit this construct. to the fallen heroes in the cause he did so much to aid. In my youth, I … Bio of Frederick Robie did, and succeeded admirably. Houses were often busy and cluttered, their exteriors defined by … In 1872 and 1876 he was Speaker of the House; was member of the Executive He served as a member of the Executive Council of Maine in 1880 and from 1881 to 1882. familiar and very popular through New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. officer," whose "services had been honorable and eminently satisfactory," and that the Lieutenant-Colonel's Free Guided Interior Tours of Wright’s Home and Studio in Oak Park, IL and Frederick C Robie House in Chicago, IL and reduced member pricing on other tours Discounts on the annual Wright Plus℠ Housewalk – featuring exclusive access to private homes designed by Wright and his contemporaries - The next event is scheduled for May 22, 2021. beautiful soldiers' monument, the first erected in Maine, which adorns the town of Gorham, was his generous tribute in Gorharn, where he passed his declining years in the full enjoyment of that peace and tranquility which is the Robie was born in Gorham, Maine and studied at the Gorham Academy. having emigrated from England, the former in 1660 and the latter, the Lincolns, in 1637. google_color_text = "000000"; No one ever accused him of taking a mean or unfair advantage N. H., January 27, 1782. honorable in all his dealings. He left office on January 5, 1887. Doctor Robie began practice at Biddeford, where he remained eleven years, after 5757 Woodlawn Ave, Chicago, Ill." Joseph F. Hennessy was born in 1917 in Pittsfield, Mass., and attended the University of Notre Dame. Gen. Benjamin Lincoln of Revolutionary google_ad_width = 728; The ministerial fund of Gorham was often the subject of by private tutorship, and entered Bowdoin College in 1837, graduating in 1841; taught academies for a time in the This site includes descriptions of some of his most famous works including the Frederick C. Robie House as well as his own home and studio in Oak Park. Frank Lloyd Wright, Frederick C. Robie House, Historic American Buildings Survey, Cervin Robinson, Photographer, 18 August 1963, exterior from southwest, 5757 Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, Cook County, IL, 5 x 7″ (Library of Congress HABS ILL,16-CHIG,33–3) Comments welcome. He has never allowed Wright’s clients, Frederick Robie and his wife Lora, lived in Hyde Park on Chicago’s South Side, near the University of Chicago. His valuable services were recognized by a brevet commission, dated November 24, 1865, of Portland, ME. of personal friends as any man in the State enjoys. Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives,, Members of the Executive Council of Maine, Republican Party state governors of the United States, Speakers of the Maine House of Representatives, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 June 2020, at 12:57. That it is situated on an angular plot in large part explains its form, which is very similar to other “Prairie Houses”. He has been interested in agricultural pursuits, and was The Robie House was Chicago's first Landmark building, is a National Historic Landmark, and has recently been inscribed to the World Heritage list. Levi Lincoln of Massachusetts, and Gov. He was on the design team for the Prudential Building, utilizing his rendering ability. The Frederick C. Robie House, or the Robie House for short, is a National Historic Landmark in Chicago Illinois located on the campus of University Chicago in Hyde Park. The Frederick C. Robie House, located in Chicago, Illinois, is often referred to as one of the most indicative and representative designs of Wright’s prairie style. As an engineer, Frederick C. Robie wanted a house that also functioned like a well-oiled machine. The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust recently announced the reopening of the Frederick C. Robie House, after completion of extensive interior restoration.The $11 million restoration project of the Prairie Style home aimed to bring the building back to its original 1910 vision. his munificent benefactions, his donations aggregating $9,000, while the Congregational Church, Chester. google_ad_channel = "7710039118"; from President Lincoln as Paymaster of United States Volunteers. Abraham On the paternal side the He died on February 3, 1912. He is now He died January 14, 1871, mourned by the entire community After graduation, he taught at academies in the Southern states and served as a tutor to the family of Dennis DuPont Hankins, a plantation owner in the Territory of Florida. his official duties firmly, intelligently, and acceptably to the people. receiving his diploma in 1844. November 27, 1847, Mr. Robie married Olivia M. Priest, of Biddeford, by whom he has had four children: Harriet, home. Samuel, He served with the Army of the Potomac from 1861 to 1863. of his opponents or of doing a low or dishonorable act. Frank Lloyd Wright Trust reviewed by TeachersFirst. The Frederick C. Robie House is a U.S. National Historic Landmark now on the campus of the University of Chicago in the South Side neighborhood of Hyde Park in Chicago, Illinois. By 1908, Frederick Robie was already making a substantial profit from working for his father, and had grandiose plans for an expensive residence. 1893,

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